Fighting for the Future of black vets

BVEC seeks to bridge the gap between the various Black veteran communities, government, philanthropy and the private sector and serve as a unified voice to inform stakeholders of the needs of Black Veterans.

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“Currently, BVEC is working on comprehensive plans to strengthen both the collaboration and transformation of our efforts as we continue to shift long-standing racial inequities suffered by Black veterans in the United States through our non-partisan coalition made up of national, state, local veteran service organizations, for profit businesses and the Black veterans community.”


Black veterans are calling for a VA Advisory Committee on African American Affairs to improve implementation of legislation across agencies and divisions, promoting fair access to benefits and resources.

Policy Advocacy

Lack of substantive policy advocacy on issues affecting Black veterans has exacerbated disparities for decades, and it's time to take action to address this.

Benefit Utilization

Black and minority veterans in particular face underutilization of and inadequate access to benefits they are entitled to for vital health care, housing, education, and disability benefits, yet in most cases are denied accessing them, leading to disparities in outcomes.

Economic Opportunities

To compete in Department of Defense and Federal Contracting, Black veterans require access to startup capital on par with the VA Home Loan, including VA Entrepreneurship Loans and Grants, to overcome cost-prohibitive regulations hindering their ability to start businesses.

Honoring History

Despite a history of discrimination and erasure, Black veterans have served honorably since the nation's founding and deserve recognition for their sacrifices.